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Welcome to Mount Olive Baptist Church. We believe you will experience a service that includes uplifting worship, an engaging message from the Bible, and a warm and friendly atmosphere. Feel free to enter at your pace, but we do invite you to begin getting to know the church, exploring its ministries and looking to get connected.


Thank you for your interest in getting involved. Our desire is that you would experience all that God has for you by growing in love for Him and people. We’re excited for you to join in a ministry opportunity that best suits your time and talents.


Here's a list of Ministry opportunities to consider:

Children's Ministry

Community Groups Ministry (Small Groups)

Marriage Ministry

Men's Ministry

Prayer Ministry

Student Ministry

Women's Ministry

Serve Ministry (Ushers, Audio Video/Technical, Guests/Hospitality, New Member Ambassadors & Volunteer Central)

Worship Arts

Someone once said, “Everything rises or falls on leadership…” Clearly, at Mount Olive, we take that seriously. Our church is blessed to have a team of leaders to help Pastor guide the congregation in the direction that God has ordained.

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